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College Essay During my four years in high school many people influenced me but one person stands out from all the rest, my football coach, Keith Kenyon. He has influenced my life for the better in multiple ways. He taught me the meaning of hard work, never to underestimate a challenge, and be prepared for whatever is thrown at you. I have been able to take these lessons from the football field and apply them to my life. I truly believe this has helped me be a better person. As a football coach, an athletic director, a husband, and a father, Keith is quite the busy guy. What he has done with the football program at North Kingstown in the 25 years he has been coaching NK football is incredible. He turned the program around completely. I consider myself lucky to have been coached by him for my four years in high school. Although he is an active person, he always has his priorities straight. He always stressed that family comes first, then academics, and then football. He always wanted his players to be the best people they could be. The lessons Coach Kenyon has taught me have followed me from the football field to my everyday life. Slowly from freshman year I watched my work ethic improve greatly. I learned to take pride in what I do, and my performance in school improved. Along with hard work Coach Kenyon always made sure we never underestimated another team. I no longer judge people right away and no matter how simple a demand is, I will always carry is out as if it will affect the rest of my life. That way I know maximum effort will go into it. Being prepared was also something he made sure we understood. He got me to believe it’s better to have something and not need it rather than need it and not have it. Overall, Coach Kenyon is someone I can model my life after. I believe his lessons and advice have made me a better person. I base the majority of my

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