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Welcome to Maranello’s Italian Restaurant We pride ourselves with a variety of fresh meat & fresh fish on offer, due to this the desired dish may not always be available. Please ask. All dishes are freshly made to order and are not already prepared, therefore if you would like a slight change to the sauce of your choice or a change to the dish to make it more to your liking please ask a member of staff who will be happy to help. STUZZICHINI - APPETISERS Bruschetta Classica V £4.50 Toasted bread topped with fresh chopped tomato, onions, basil, garlic, mozzarella and olive oil. Pizza Garlic and Tomato V Pizza Garlic, Tomato & Cheese V Bowl of Olives V Basket of Bread V Bread and Olive Oil V £4.10 £5.10 £3.20 £1.00 £2.00 ANTIPASTI - STARTERS Calamari £7.95 Calamari deep fried, served on a bed of salad. (Ask a member of staff for availability) Sardine £6.95 Fresh sardines grilled with olive oil, black pepper and fresh lemon. Polpette Avocado £5.95 Avocado served on a bed of salad with prawns and Marie rose sauce Caposanté £8.95 Fresh Scallops cooked in a cream sauce with mushrooms, prawns, béchamel, and mozzarella cheese baked in an oven. (Ask a member of staff for availability) £5.60 Meatballs cooked in a slightly spicy tomato sauce and demiglass. Funghi Crema é Spinaci V Soup of the day Cozze Crema £7.20 New Zealand Mussels cooked in a cream sauce with garlic, parsley, black pepper and mozzarella cheese. Funghi Salmone £6.50 Mushrooms cooked in olive oil, garlic, parsley, lemon juice topped with smoked Salmon. £7.20 Freshly sliced Mozzarella cheese with basil, Parma ham, black pepper, beef tomatoes, olives and olive oil. Zuppa del Giorno V Fresh mozzarella cheese wrapped in Aubergines cooked in a tomato sauce, béchamel and oven baked. £6.60

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