My Religion Vs Atheism Essay

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Running head: MY RELIGION vs. ATHEISM October 25, 2008 Do you practice Atheism? No I do not practice Atheism, as I am a Catholic woman who strongly believes in God. I was raised in a Catholic church and participated in all activities that my church had. I was a child who grew into an adult who is an active member of my church. As a child I was able to see all the wonderful things God can do for his people. According to the Oxford dictionary the term atheist means “in the sense of one who denies or disbelieves the existence of God”.1 To practice atheism you have to have a disbelief in God; I have an unquestionable belief in God. What is a Cult? Cult is typically referred to as a cohesive social group devoted to beliefs or practices that the surrounding population considers being outside the mainstream, with a notably positive or negative popular perception. Most of the time it is considered negative because of the way the person changes. They seem to be brain washed and they no longer act like that person you once know. There was once a long term temp we had working for us, who all of a sudden lost an extreme amount of weight, stopped showing up for work, and stopped doing all the things that he love because his life started to revolve around his new found “religion”. What is Faith? The definition of faith is an unquestionable belief that does not require proof or scientific evidence. 2 The experience of being a Catholic begins in the commitment of faith. I have witnessed the miracle of faith. She was a young healthy woman of about 22 years old who all of a sudden became ill and fell into an unexplained coma. Her parents and members of the church would pray and do rosaries over her bed daily. The doctors couldn’t explain to the parents what happened to her, they just told her it was a virus that attacked her blood.

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