My Relationship With The Unconnectable: The Holocaust

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My fascination with The Holocaust started when I was younger and my grandpa told me stories of World War II. I would spend the weekends with him. He would sit in his big leather chair and I would crawl into his lap and ask him to tell me everything he knew. He would tell me stories of anything I wanted to hear and soaked it all up. One day I went into my grandparent’s room and found what I would later learn was my grandpa’s Purple Heart. I had seen it before but know what significance it held. I asked him what it was and he explained to me how he had been a marine and he had to help out his country in the war and was injured in doing so. I hadn’t really learned about World War II in school yet so my grandfather sat me down and explained what happened. He told me that a man, named Adolf Hitler, took control over Germany and eventually most of Europe. Hitler made up a “perfect race” called Aryans. They had blue eyes, blonde hair, and were Christians. He described how this awful man decided that Jews were the reason Germany was having so many problems at the time and should not be allowed to live at all; let alone in Germany. This man put the Jews in special camps where they would be tortured and treated terribly. After this, I went and did my own study of the subject. It started long before this class had started and I became engrossed in it, I wanted to know everything. It interested me that people could be in such a state to allow this sort of thing to happen. I devoured books such as Anne Frank: The Dairy of A Young Girl, Night, The Pianist, To See You Again, Number the Stars, I Have Lived A Thousand Years: Growing Up In The Holocaust, and so many more incredible books about such a horrid time period. I would read books upon books about The Holocaust hoping to get a glimpse of what it was like. Not because I enjoy sadism or anything like that. It

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