My Reflection on Care and Administrations of Medicine.

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Reflection on care and administrations of medicine. As part of my ongoing training provided by my employers UKSLS, I undertook an online training course covering all aspects of care and administrations of medicines as this is part of my duties as a community liaison support worker. We initially looked at the laws regarding the handling and giving out of prescribed medication to clients whom I support. The principles for giving out medicines are the same for everyone regardless of the size of the business. Both my employers and I have a duty of care to handle medication properly and to support our clients to take their prescribed medication. As a care support worker it is essential that I familiarise myself with the medication that my clients take, receive the correct training before administering them safely and ensure the correct documentation is signed to confirm my client has taken their medication. The following legislations cover the administrations of medicines: * The Health and Social Care Act 2008 shows that my responsibilities as a cared regarding medication are: Use a person centered approach regarding medication. * Follow risk assessments regarding medication. * Ensure relevant guidelines, policies and procedures are followed. * Ensure clients are supported appropriately. * Ensure rights and choices are promoted. * Undertake training to maintain competence in your role. Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 states that "Medications are hazardous substances therefore their use must be risk assessed and safe procedures should be implemented. Adequate training must also be available" Control of Substances Hazardous to Health 2012 states that medicines can cause ill health if they are given in incorrect amounts, administered by the wrong method or given to the wrong person. Clients, staff and visitors may be at
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