My Reflection on The Historical Roles Of Children

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My Reflection on The Historical Roles Of Children Before the arrival of the Europeans, aboriginal children where a valued part of the community and were treated with respect. They did not know much about school, just survival because they were usually out in the wilderness. When it came to jobs it was a matter of gender. Girls where expected to take after their female guardian and learn how to prepare food, carry, gather and make blankets, clothing and adornments. If the girl was older she wold also have to take care of the younger children. Boys on the other hand had to follow their male guardians,and learn how to hunt for food and the production of necessary implements. These children were very independent. Before the Europeans came to Canada their children were brought up differently. Between 1200 and 1500 parents tried not to love their children becaue hey would often die from sickness. If the child did not die they would participate in all parts of adult life, they were even dressed like little adults. The only problem was that there was no formal education. By the 1800’s formal education was aviable but only to the upper class children. The lower class children had to work alongside adults. Around these times the industrial era was beinning. As time progressed the industrial era was in full swing and the children who were working had a change to beter themselves and pay for school. By the late 1800’s formal education became maditory, so the lower class children no longer needed to

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