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Hello everyone!. My name is Sammy i´m 24 years old and i´m from Mexico. I was invited to join this competition by a friend of mine who is a well known polyglot in my country. This is my first challenge, so i hope to get the best of it by learning a new language in a short amount of time, have fun and of course meet new polyglots around the world. The languages i´m gonna chose will be bulgarian and kazakh. My first contact with bulgarian came about 6 months ago when i decided to join lessons of the language at an institute located in Mexico City. I have been enjoying this lessons so far, i think i have a good understanding of reading and of conversational skills of native people, but still i don´t have much practice speaking the language, so i hope with this 3 month challenge i can be able to talk more fluently. The second language is kazakh. My contact with kazakh came two years ago with music mostly. This is my first time studying a turkic language, i like the melody of the language and i´m attracted to the peculiar melody it has. I think it will be a very good experience to get more in touch with the languages of that part of Central Asia. And well, how will i record my progress?. I will upload on Facebook a video of me speaking the 2 languages, the first video will come by the end of week 1, the second video i will upload it on day 45 and the last video will be uploaded on day 91. On this video i will be speaking bulgarian language with a native speaker. Concerning kazakh, i still don´t know what i´m gonna do if a don´t get a native speaker, so perhaps i will record myself talking about a certain topic, and this is how you will measure my progress in kazakh. So, i´m planning on doing small tests, recording myself speaking the languages, listening to music, singing and writing a short composition. My reward will be that if i do really well i will buy myself

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