My Reasons for Attending Dlc and Choice of Diploma

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MY REASONS FOR ATTENDING DLC AND CHOICE OF DIPLOMA Growing up in Zimbabwe was very hard. Education was the only way out of poverty. I did manage to get some good grades at high school. My intention at that time was to go to university which never materialised. After joining my sister who was based here in the UK that’s when my dreams of one day studying and having a Degree were shattered. Attending DLC will help me towards achieving that dream. Currently I am employed as a soldier in the British army. It is not possible for me to attend a normal college. DLC is the best option for me to study and work at the same time as you can do it from anywhere in the world. At the moment I am actually in Canada on a training exercise. I don’t see myself finishing my 22year contract as the army is currently reducing their numbers. Most soldiers are facing a daunting uncertain future. I have therefore decided to study so that I can get some qualifications which will enable me to go to university if I end up being made redundant. Another reason why I am attending DLC is that I have been out of school for a very long time. DLC allows you to decide how long you can take to finish, and the tutors are always there to help you if need be. The money that DLC are charging for this Diploma course is reasonable comparing to other institutes; therefore you get value for your money. As DLC is a recognised education provider with enhanced learning credits it has made it easier and cheaper for me by using my credits. I have chosen to do access to social work because it’s a rewarding career path. As a qualified social worker you would earn a respectable salary. At the moment it’s fair to say I am earning a good amount of money, however I don’t enjoy the work anymore. Studying social work at university you are provided with a student bursary that is non-repayable. With the economic

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