My Quality World Essay

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Monica Herrera EDUC-1300-61025 Where I Want To Be We all have dreams and goals of how we want our life to be. I don’t have it all planned out yet, but I do have an idea. My quality world includes: happiness, financial stability, security, love, family, etc. I want to have a great career as a pediatric nurse, I want to be married by the time I’m 30 so I can start a family, I would like a pretty big house but not too big, and I want to grow as a person in all kinds of ways. It all starts where I am right now, in college. I’m pursing an Associate’s Degree in Nursing. This is the first step to getting me where I want to be in life. Deciding to get my Associates Degree was a big step for someone who didn’t think they were college material. In high school, I wasn’t the person to go home and do homework or study so college is a big adjustment for me. Im still adjusting since school has just begun but I know I can adjust and become an independent learner, I’m doing well so far. I am determined to make better of my life. My plans for after I graduate Mountain View, is to pursue my BSN at a 4 year university. I need this education so I can be the best nurse I can be. I want to be a pediatric nurse because I love working with children, along with helping people and pediatric care is a great combination of both. I know in this career, I won’t dread going to work every day and that be the life I live. Right now, I am an accountant assistant as my part time job. This being, I realized I wouldn’t enjoy a job where I’m behind a desk every day, along with doing the same things over and over again. Even if the money is very good, I know I would need a job where it something different every day and I’m helping someone. I know nursing will be a lot of studying, but I can do it and it’ll be worth it for the quality world I want. One day I hope not too long after I
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