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Dominique Berry Professor Parra Education 1300-6010 0ctober 12, 2011 My Future From the beginning of time you have been taught to be traditional. Go to college, get a job, and move out into your own place, then get married, start and family and the cycle starts all over again. Your parents raised you bases on the values and goals they were and if your parents made something of their self of course they want you to follow those same footsteps. I believe that these four things are very important in developing through life. Your goals, values, possessions, and spirituality are what matter to you the most. If you want to get somewhere in life you’re going to have to work hard and make the best decisions you can to get where you want to go.…show more content…
Deciding to get my Associates Degree was a big step for someone who didn’t think they were college material. I’ve made a lot of progress here and my mind frame has changed so much. Every semester is a challenge but I know I will get through to the next step. After graduation from Mountain View College I plan to transfer to a 4-year university. I’ve haven’t quite picked the university but I’ll definitely have one but that time. I’m going into performing arts. You know dance, theatre, singing, art, journalism too. I have a lot of plans for their arts departments. My major is “Performing Arts” and I will be minoring in Journalism. I want to be on the stage with the Beyoncé’s, Usher’s and Mariah Carey’s. I’ve dreamed of performing, singing and dancing and song since I was 5 and haven’t stopped yet. I want to travel around the whole world and perform for thousands of fans. I want to hear the chanting of my name when I’m headed on stage. I fantasize if winning countless awards specificly I aspire to win Grammy’s, Oscars, BET Awards, Tony’s, and

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