My Puppy Love Essay

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(Narrative Essay) I had one of my unforgettable memories in my high school days. That was when I courted and loved someone. I am the type of person that is afraid to show my love or my feelings to someone that I love, I am afraid to love because I am afraid to get hurt of someone that I love. My first day in school was one of my unforgettable experience in my life. That was the time that I saw a girl standing at the middle of our campus , she was so beautiful and she was like an angel in my eye, she was sitting on the bench with her friends while eating French fries, her smile was like angel and seducing me to get her name, her face was familiar to me. Then after that I checked her background life. She was a transferee student and also a freshmen student that was the first background that I known. In the next day I saw her in the library reading a Science book and she was alone and no one was talking to her. She saw me looking at her but she ignore it then after that the bell rings because it was one o'clock already, its already time and all students must be in their classrooms already on that time, she was precipitating that time because she don’t want to be late in her afternoon subject. Then after that I wake up in the morning and I know that was Saturday, when I wake up she was the one that I thought first,but I don't know why, and after that I ate my brunch because it was late I think it was eleven o’clock a.m., when I am eating alone I asked myself “what is the feeling of being in love?” because on that age I don’t know what is the feeling of being in love or the face of being in love I think I am only thirteen years old that time. Then after that the weekdays again was in, Monday morning I wake up 5 o’ clock in the morning and I am so energetic that time and then I said “this is it!” then laugh (hahahaha). Recess time I saw her in

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