My Psychology Notes Essay

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Section 2 Neurobiological Approach views human behavior by the nerve cells and the make-up of the body as a means of explaining human behavior. Behavioral approach believes human behavior is the result of rewards and punishments. Humanistic approach takes the stance that all people are innately good and we have the will to make choices to become a better person. Psychoanalytic approach developed by Sigmund Freud and takes the stance that our personality is formed by the time we reach five to six years old. Each of us has desires that can be understood into our unconscious mind. Cognitive approach believes our thinking is what influences behavior Sociocultural approach to human behavior believes the rules or expectations we follow are strongly influenced by a group within our culture. Eclecticism the borrowing little of each modalities. Section 3 Naturalistic observation is a great way to observe people or animals in their environment. Survey method not the best method to use but you can obtain the results quickly Interview method is another way to gather information. Ethical research Section 4 The strength of the relationship between a factor and another is called correlation. Illusory correlation is the perception of a relationship between two variables that does not exist Recall is a measure of memory where a person remember the information Section 6 James-Lange Theory states you must first feel the physiological effect and then the emotion. Cannon Band Theory states you experience both arousal and the emotion simultaneously Schachter Two-Factor Theory states there are two factors involved. 1. Arousal and you must cognitively label what your arousal is about. 2. You feel
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