My Physical Condition

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A Reflective Journal about My Physical Condition I don’t consider myself to be a completely fit person. Considering I barely workout, the food that I eat are pretty much whatever I can get my cheap hands on, and I sleep only when I’ve realized it’s already late, I’m far from being the prime example of a healthy person. But even though it isn’t as visible in contrast to those who are obviously overweight, according to my mirror, as I have shed a legitimate amount of weight from the 100-kilogram body that I use to have when I was younger. This could probably be due to my growing body and its increased metabolism, as well as the increase of tasks and activities that come with maturity. I have tried to intentionally lose weight in the past, choosing to walk instead of ride, choosing to burst into a short sprint while walking, avoiding street foods, spending some time to work out, etc. and I have notice that sometimes it could be hard, especially since I’m not always actually aware of what I’m doing or how it could affect my health. I’ve also notice the reason I’m still overweight is because I lose motivation to give greater effort, may it be discouragement from my wandering thoughts, stress from school, lack of time, utter laziness, or anything that could lose my interest in being in fit condition. It has been clearly visible to that the road to physical fitness is not a walk on the beach and requires discipline and focus. As I do know I have flaws, I do still try to improve myself as it is my own body that I have to take care of and shouldn’t immediately give up on. Considering my inability to work out, eat right and sleep well is due to my lack of proper regiment, I first try to fix my planning in order to make time to think about my health. I also have tried to learn more about my body and how to take care of it considering my lack of knowledge of a healthy
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