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A PHILOSOPHY OF TEACHING I have never been a particularly gifted student. Any accolades that may have come my way during my undergraduate, graduate, medical school, and post-graduate experiences have been the result of hard work. I suppose I would have preferred to be of gifted intelligence, or have a gifted memory, or to be able to “parse and prune” important facts from unimportant. However, the good Lord never gave me such gifts. Subsequently, I had to discover and develop the unique perspective of each discipline I studied. Thereafter, I was able to utilize a more focused learning approach which yielded better results than expected. My own personal struggle with my education has resulted in a sensitvity for the students perspective. My philosophy in teaching students can be conceptualized into 3 interwoven approaches: AT FIRST INSPIRE YOUR STUDENTS...The instructors that were able to “touch my soul” with the subject matter were, by far, the most effective at inducing my interest. My favorite Anatomy professor in medical school would draw prosections on a blackboard from memory. He utilized an assortment of colored chalk (neatly housed in these aluminum tubes from his vest pocket). When he walked into the lecture hall, and we saw the chalk tubes in his pocket, the class cheered. We were priviliged to watch the wonder of human anatomy created before our eyes. SECONDLY, AS BEST AS POSSIBLE, ATTEMPT TO UNDERSTAND THE INDIVIDUAL NUANCE IN EACH STUDENT...Each student has a learning style that, once identified, can unlock their genius. Time often constrains this insight. However, there are usually only a small minority of students who require this type of self-examination. FINALLY, HAVE HIGH EXPECTATIONS FOR YOUR STUDENTS...There are few awards given to critics. I require real effort in the students I teach. My best teachers set standards

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