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Michael Whitehead 10/13/2011 Persuasive speech self-assessment During the coms course I set three goals to stop moving my arms so much, to become better with the concept of speaking and to learn how to better write my speeches. I have met these goals but I still have a little work to do. When I first started doing my speeches I let my nerves get to me and I always used my hands when I talked so as I started to do my speech knowing I wasn’t supposed to move my hands constantly I got nervous and would cross my arms to stop the movement. As I started to learn to control my nerves a little better I learned to use my hands but not through the whole speech I learned to just use them as I was getting a main point across but not keep them completely at my side so the audience wouldn’t think I didn’t have any enthusiasm. As I learned to control my nerves the concept of my speaking started to improve. I started to feel more confident in what I was talking about. I became better a signaling the endings to my speeches and transition from point to point in my speech. As I better understood the concept of speaking I started to write my speeches better, I started to use sign post and transition words more often. I still need to work on using connectives and when Im preparing my speech I need to learn how to stay direcly on point because sometimes I will drift to another part of my speech and then come back to what I was talking about. I need to learn how to better stay on task. Over the course of the semester I think I became overall good at public speaking. I feel more confident now I feel that I am a better researcher now and I also know how to better get my point across to an audience more clearly. I started as a good talker but after the course started to come to an end I started to notice im not just a talker now im a speaker now when I get my point across I use

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