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It's hard to differentiate between what, of my personality, is "good," what is "bad," and what is "neutral," or what can go either way. However. If I describe what I think the majority of the human populous believes, it would show nothing of my personality. So I will describe what I think of as a "good," healthy personality. For instance, I believe that it is healthy to have at least a touch of a messy side to a person. Granted, not messy to the point of cockroaches (or the like) but so that a person can have room to express their personality unrestricted. The amount of non-cleanliness will vary with the person. My parents are always lecturing on how my room smells, eyes flitting to each print-out or poster on the wall, wrinkling their nose in disdain. I bet they're glad I keep my door closed most of the time! In addition, I am ambitious—which helps me to keep reaching beyond what I was previously capable of, enhancing my intellectual growth—and tough. I don't understand the importance of crying when you're hurt: for me it creates an aura of helplessness that forever afterwards surrounds the person, stifling their personality. I understand why they cry (I don't specifically resent it), but it pushes them away from me, gives me less in common with them. Also, I am whole minded, which means I use both sides of my brain—creative and book intelligent—equally. I find it important to be creative and stray away from the usual stereotypes, while still excelling in math and gathering knowledge of the world to share in ordinary conversations and other means. Finally, I will work hard at things worth my time. I try—if circumstances permit—to differentiate for myself what is important and what is not. Allowed, I sometimes will be lazy (one of my personality traits that I particularly despise) and put the minimum amount of effort required in order to watch Bleach—the anime series

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