My Personal Spiritual Journey

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I grew up in Christian home. Our religion is Pentecostal. With my both parents being Christian my brothers and I had a very strict and strong spiritual up bringing . Every Sunday my family and I attended church which consisted of Sunday school and prayer worship. On Saturday evenings my parents alongside my brothers and I would have street meeting opposite the market place in Arima where we engaged in singing and my father preaching the gospel encouraging people to surrender their lives to Jesus. My brothers and I used to enjoy giving out tracks to people (man, woman or child). We were very brave as children never afraid of ridicule or our friends laughing at us. Everyday my mom would wake us at 5.00am in the morning to have family devotion. My parents took turns in administering the scriptures and gave us a scripture verse to learn after which we would hold hands and pray. Whether it was weekend or holidays we had to awake early to pray. For the summer vacation every other Saturday we had to pray and fast from 6am to 12noon. As children my brothers and I would cry out for hunger but my mom was very strict when it comes to her religious practices. If she says is 12 0’clock we finishing she not stopping until that time. I became a Christian at the age of sixteen. I accepted god as my personal lord and savior at a crusade. I attended baptism classes where I was counsel by my pastor to ensure that I was ready for the next big step which was water baptism. I got baptize in a river at Balandra on the August

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