My Personal Philosophy Essay

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Our world is connected by a set of invisible strings; language resembles the powerful threads that are a vital tool in constructing friendships, cultural ties, and self-awareness. Music is my special language. It is music that represents a language far more intricate and expressive than any type of verbal communication. It is music that evokes the power to connect people from the vivacious city of Beijing to the chaotic rush-hour city of Chicago. Therefore, it is why I believe the influence of music has the power to act as a unifying factor for human relationships. The universal language of music continues to evolve along side humanity and society. Styles such as jazz, rock, and classical songs developed from the early stages of slavery in the Civil War, the Baroque era, and the Enlightenment era, which all utilized music as a form of expression to intensify emotions and relate to social influxes at that time. These foundations of musical genre build upon the type of music people from all over the world listen to today. However, our world integrates music as a form of the celebration of life. People of different faiths belt their hearts in unison to openly worship as a community. Quinceañeras and Bar mitzvahs ignite to life with music as people from various backgrounds join together in celebration. A natural bond and a sense of unification are generated as the beat of the song strongly connects to the beats of each hearts. In the buzzing city of Chicago, a lonely soul stands at a street intersection playing for the attention of the blurring faces blending in the crowd. A street musician blasts his trumpet in a rhythmic, top-tapping melody, but still, the mechanical crowd continues to urge forward. However, I witnessed a woman breaking away from the crowd to listen to this man. Soon after, another man stops, and then another until there’s a small crowd of strangers

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