My Perfect Friend

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To create the perfect friend, would take a lot of time. One’s personality is a very complex thing to describe. I would start off with their listening skills, sense of humor, ability to give advice, and their perspective on life. The perfect friend would have to mesh well with my own personality, which in itself is very unique. I would consider my ability to listen to, and remember, what my friends confide in me as one of my strongest attributes. So in return, I would expect the same amount of attention to detail and true personal interest in what I tell my perfect friend. Also, not only would I need my friend to listen to what I say, I, in most cases, am looking for advice that is actually useful and has a lot of thought put into it. I wouldn’t expect even my “perfect” friend to give me advice that sounds like Oprah or Dr. Phil was helping me with my problems, but advice that only someone who really knows and loves me would give. Since my life consists of more than drama and problems, my perfect friend has to have more abilities than simply helping me with my issues. I am a person who loves to laugh; so, my perfect friend would be someone who has a natural talent to make me smile and laugh. This friend should also share a similar sense of humor that I have, and be laughing along with me at the numerous jokes and funny mistakes I make throughout a day. I tend to get along really well with people who are y outgoing, and people that can laugh at themselves without feeling embarrassed. The most complex part of friend to describe would be their overall view of the world. Honestly, I don’t even know how to fully describe mine. There are situations when I try to think positively, but more often than not I am a realist who simply states the facts and tries to think of solutions to the problem. I think I would mesh well with a person that is not overly positive, but
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