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My Past Present and Future Essay

  • Submitted by: DESTER4641
  • on June 20, 2012
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My Past 1

My Past, Present, and Future
Demetrice Sterling
PSY 202
Professor Borger
June 14, 2012

My Past 2

In this essay I will be writing about the past, present and future of my life. I will be

reflecting on many different aspects of my life good and bad. This paper will show how I have

coped with different situations and how they have affected my life. It will also tell you how these

different situations have changed me as a person and how I wish for my future to be.

My Past, Present, and Future Outline

I. Where are you from?

    a. Small town life

    b. Making our own fun

    c. Pros and Cons of living in a small town

II. What things do you remember about your childhood?

    a. Parents’ bad relationship
My Past 3

    b. Hardships with jobs

    d. Good times with friends and family

    e. Working

III. What did you do after you left school?

    a. Living in California

    b. Tough times

    c. College

IV. What would make you happy in the future?

    a. My son

    b. College

    c. Family

My Past 4

In this paper I will be discussing the different aspects of my life. These different aspects have all played an important role in making me who I am today. This will consist of my childhood, present life, and future goals. I will be comparing these things with some of the adult development theories that I have learned about in this class. I have had a lot of different experiences in my life and these experiences have taken place in many different locations and changed me along the way.
A large part of the experiences in my life took place in my hometown. I am originally from Lubbock Texas, a small rural town in West Texas. The population is about 2000 people. This is the type of town where everybody knows everybody. I had and still have a lot of close friends back at home, and we had...

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