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Cabrini Cruz Professor Harmon EN110-14 April 13, 2015 Project Four What is Love? Love. Can such a powerful and dynamic word be subject to a single defining form? Love exists in a variety of forms and although love wears many faces, each arrangement of it contains distinctly similar emotions attached to experiences. In Marc Norman and Tom Stoppard’s screenplay Shakespeare in Love (1998), the essence of love’s dynamic nature is portrayed by illustrating the actors’ extreme adoration for the arts, the emotional bond between Will and Viola, and the level of loyalty that characters have towards one another in a way that allows the reader to identify with or better understand the multiple concepts of love. -Love for the theater: -Viola becomes a boy just so she can participate in the play -Will is dependent on finding love so he can be her muse; viola -Talented at play writing; people’s love for Will’s plays -Queens love for plays -Love between Viola and Shakespeare This is usually the most popular concept of love. Romanticism. -Go against the current and be together -Mutual love for theater makes their love even more powerful -Both willing to take the chance and risk exposure to be together -Loyalty of love -The nurse to viola to risk everything to protect her secret -Viola’s love for her family that she stayed married to keep their status -Agreeing with the arranged marriage -Queen’s love for God to enforce this rule Most identify some implicit argument being made by screen writers Tell reader how youre gonna defend argument

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