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Styles of Love LaQuesha Mitchell PSY/ 265 May 16, 2014 Gregory Bascomb Styles of Love There are several styles of love; the first style is Romantic love. Romantic love occurs when people feel passion and intimacy but are not devoted to one another at that point. Next is the game-player love style, this style consists of playing games by not telling the other person where you stand. A person doing this can make the other person feel like they are wanted or needed but never actually commit. Another style of love is friendship, this occurs when two people have been friends for so long they fall in love. A different love style is logical love, this is when one or two people in a relationship start looking at the logical side of the relationship. They wonder if the other would be a good provider or parent. Next is the possessive or excited love, this kind of love style is when a person gets so excited about the other person, they can’t think. Another part of this style is if a person partner ignores them they feel as if something is completely wrong with the relationship. Finally we have the selfless love style. This love style is when a person would makes whatever their partners needs or wants more important than their own. Selfless love can be a wonderful love in the fact that is a generous love. A person experiencing this style of love would do anything to make the other person happy. The person giving this kind of love can oftentimes loose who they are in the process. However, it is very easy to take advantage of a person willing to give this kind of love. One scenario for this kind of love would be; Mike and Carol meet and fall in love. Carol loves him so much that she would do whatever it takes to make him happy. Mike wants her to stop seeing her friends and only spend time with him. Therefore Carol does what he asks and she loses contact with her

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