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Chapter 19 Postwar Confidence and Anxiety Section1 The nation recovers from war The GI Bill Aids returning Soldiers a) Provided a year of unemeployement payments to veterans unable to work b) War received financial aid c) Explosive growth in suburban areas d) Eight million veterans eventually took advantage of the education benefits A Baby Boom Fills Classroom a) Soldiers made up for lost time b) Soldiers marry and have kids c) One American baby was born every 7 seconds d) Making a grand total of 4.3 million for the year Converting from a wartime economy a) Unemployment did not materialize b) Too much money spent a too few goods c) The price of some goods doubled withing a year The U.S Dominates the World Economy a) Americans could not buy the goods they desire b) The economy improved during the war c) Businesses employed more people to produce goods d) At the end of world war II the us was the only developed nation untouched by the devastation Technological Progress boots Productivity a) Atomic Exoplosions b) Worker productivity Government progress boots productivity a) Increased government spending boosted the economy b) Militay spending led to the development of new technologies and materials such as plastics and new light metal alloys. Truman Overcomes huge obstacles Grappling with congress and labor a) Truman faced double barreled challenge b) Congress enact the taft-harley act c) Congress overrode Truman’s veto Angering Segregationists a) Truman refused to remain passive b) Truman established a special committee on civil rights to Investigate rave relations Truman upsets Dewey a) Southern democrats don’t like Truman’s support for civil rights. b) Few people thought that Truman had any chance of winning the 1948 election. c) He had managed

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