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Part I: Make a list of at least 5 communities that you currently belong to. 1. Hispanic 2. Full time student 3. Sorority member 4. Dancer 5. Driver Part II: Identify at least two questions currently being contested within those communities. Ask yourself, "What do members of these communities argue about? What problems must be resolved?" You should have at least two questions for each community you list (10 questions in total). 

 * Hispanic a. Are Hispanics destroying the American way of life? b. It is said that Hispanics are a threat to the security and prosperity of our nation. * Full time student c. Should full time students get priority over part time students? d. * Sorority member e. Are sororities really like what they appear to be in movies? f. Should people be so quick to judge when it comes to sororities and fraternities? * Artist (Dancer) g. Should artists be able to freely express themselves? h. Should dancers be allowed to dance competitively even if they are a bit overweight? * Driver i. Should it be required in every state to retest the elderly in order for them to be able to drive? j. As a driver, should the gas price be dropped? Part III: Choose ONE question and establish a claim (your position on the issue) with reasons. Driver (a). Elderly people’s senses are not the same as they used to be 30 years ago. Their vision and hearing have become diminished, they now have slower reflexes, and they have become a great danger to other drivers around them. Living in a country of freedom, it would be wrong to just take away their license. They should be retested to protect the surroundings

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