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Kishan Patel Ms Jarrett English Honors /5 Date: 12/5/11 This speaker's tone is calm and easy going. It gives us nice setting of where it is and what's really happening. It has no title but shows a lot more without it. The speaker is bored and really doesn't want to do anything. Just chill and sit in his house. In the first stanza, "My home was at Cold Mountain ". It shows that , he used to live their. It doesn't mean that he is living their right now. Also adds that "My home was at Cold Mountain from the start". This shows that he is doesn't like where he is right now. The speaker use's some nice imagery like "Far from trouble". This meant that the speaker is trying to show us that how he "WAS" happy. Back when he was at the Cold Mountain. Imagery is wierd to see but make sense if you think about it. It really symbolizes "Freedom". Speaker's language was formal. He uses words in a good way. Like "Rambling among the hills". Rambling ,which is a good vocabulary word. It meant like something long or lengthy. Also the speaker had a nice word choice. It really helps the reader to understand if it's in a formal way. In all the poem's theme is that him being free once. But not now because he said he used to live like that. The setting is at the Cold Mountain, where he lived from the start. The speaker loved it over their because he said , "Far from trouble". It means that he used to be free and trouble-free but now he is sad and with all responsibilities , of where he is right

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