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Title page= my guided tour of.. Base tour in London Where do you want to do your tour Do not do this one= example My guided tour of the imperial war museum Back ground information: After a lot of thought and process, went London to virew attracrtuon and came to a decision on what to foucus on. How you came to the decision? Say who viewed the attracions with etc say what final decision was and why. Research wide variety of attractions, wanted to explore all of the options. Own tour museum etc say why wanted this type of place. Give examples of the other oprions you considered. The fact that I have been here before I am familiar with the basis of the attraction and the back ground information. Yiu need to give reasons and justify who you chose the tour. In addition… give info on free price of ticket , satisfy customers. Recci prior to the tour taking place, visited a number of times. Chose a place that you don not have to spend on entry when learning and visiting the attraction. Why a persona guided tour at the attraction? Eg. Extremely interested wider reading and bring personal knowledge to the tour, maje it interesting for customers and myself. Feels passionate about the attraction. Say what attraction includes and what makes it interesting- what appeals to you and customers taking the tour to ensure people are as interested as her. Small amount of time to carry out the tour. Sections of the museum chosen to reduce time. After researching sections say what sections chosen and why. Customers at 17-18/19 ensures all a suitable age to hear about subject location is easily accessible- say how to ger there know where the attraction is from Greenford. Attractions nearby the attraction? Opening times and why they are good. When will tour take place? Chosen a personal guided tour as belive it is most convenient and beneficial to customers. Because allows

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