My Own Style Essay

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Moreno Ernesto Dr. Jaffe English A 16 May 2012 Unique through style In the essay “My Own Style” by Nikki Giovanni she explains her style in everything from the soap she prefers to the way she cuts her hair. She also explains how she can cook very well with dry white wine therefore further explaining her unique style. Similar to Giovanni people have their own style and ways they express it, such as through clothing, language, hobbies. Everybody in life has a different style and way they do things. One way of showing style is by clothing. For example a person who feels that wearing dark black all the time has their own style and expresses it according to what they feel looks good. A person might also express their style by wearing a certain person or icon on their clothes showing how they support a certain idea. Clothes are not the only way to express yourself; in the essay Giovanni explained that she has an afro and how it adds to her style. “I still have a nostalgic afro, though it’s stylishly short”. (160) In this quote she explains that her afro reminds people of the past when afros were the normal style and every African American had one. She then goes on to explain that it’s different than the usual big afro and goes further by saying she keeps it short to keep it modern and express herself further. Another way of showing style is by talking or expressing how you feel about something verbally. Some people show their roots by keeping to their childhood slang or by using words they made up or created. Another example would be when people use an accent when they speak their language. When someone speaks to another person with a certain accent it gives the listener a hint to what style of language they speak. Style can also be how you express your favorite thing to do or something that you’re good at. Giovanni explained
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