My Opinion on the Potential Dangers of Psychology

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POTENTIAL DANGERS OF PSYCHOLOGY 1 Potential Dangers of Psychology Jessica Bridgeman Brookline College POTENTIAL DANGERS OF PSYCHOLOGY 2 Psychology is a great tool to help determine why one performs the actions they do and help an individual with any psychological problems they may have, but just like anything else psychology does have dangers. Psychologists sometimes use their knowledge to their full extent. They can over medicate a patient, manipulate their thought process, declare an individual to be clinically insane whether they may or may not be, etc. There have been news reports of psychologists performing psychotherapy in order to rape their patient without the patient’s knowledge, and prescribing unnecessary medication to their patients that end up having an effect on their daily lives. There is a great movie that just appeared in theater called Side Effects starring Rooney Mara, Channing Tatum, Jude Law, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Vinessa Shaw. It is about a woman who falls into a clinical depression after her and her husband have to readjust to a new life in a new town after his release from prison and being involved in a car crash. The woman begins to see a psychiatrist who then prescribes her medication to help relieve her anxiety. The medication then causes a blur between fantasy and reality to the point she commits murder but has no recollection of it. She tries to fight it and blame it on her psychiatrist because he knew of the side effects of the medication, and had told her she was fine and had done nothing to regulate the medication. This movie is a great example of how psychology could be dangerous if not done in the proper
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