My Opinion in Death of a Salesman Act One

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“Death of a Salesman” is a multiple award winning, classic play written by Arthur Miller. It is the tragic drama play that occurred in the early 1948. The setting of the play is mainly based on the house of the Loman residence. My initial thought about the play is how the characters are set in the play. In my opinion, the play is written in the parallel storyline. Even though the play is mostly about Willy’s reactions and the conversation that Willy has with others, I think Biff is the passive protagonist since the play is mainly about his life, and the perspective of Biff can be felt by the audiences. Both protagonists are dynamic characters in the play. The first protagonist is Willy, unsuccessful salesman, who has mental instability and confuses the past with the present situations. I think Miller used the name “Loman” to reflect the characteristic of the low man who has a poor social life, one of the main reasons why he is unsuccessful. The parallel protagonist of the play is Biff, son of Willy, who used to be a star football player, lost in his life after failing the mathematics in high school. Later we found out that he gave up all his life goals after witnessing his beloved father cheated on Linda with another woman. Well, let’s get to the story and discuss about how the play is set. The playwright described the opening as “A melody is heard, played upon a flute. It is small and fine, telling of grass and trees and the horizon. ” (1402). I think Miller used excessive details about that opening melody to foreshadow the moral depression of the family; of course the flute produces the sad melody. The time is the night time when Willy returned home, tired from the unsuccessful sales trip. He starts complaining about the business and eventually criticizes his family members. So, it is visible that the playwright wants to emphasize the instability of Willy since
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