My Odyssey Essay

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“Is that all?” asked my Mother asked as she pulled out the final luggage from the trunk of the Range Rover. “I believe so.” I replied. It was a hot day in June and my mom was dropping off me off at the Tucson International Airport, where I was going to be meeting my four best friends, Alicia, Kristen, Dylan, and Massie. We were to head to France, which borders the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean , Spain,, which also borders the Mediterranean Sea, and Australia, which is surrounded by the Indian Ocean. My family and I usually travel together so I was very thrilled to finally go on the vacation of my dreams with my four best friends, it could not have gotten any better. The only problem was that my parents only gave me $10,000 to spend total on the entire trip! I had no idea how I was able to spend so little for all my needs and wants. I hugged my mom and headed towards the main entrance where many people stormed in and out through. I was wearing my favorite jeans, a grey blouse, black Juicy hoodie, and my pink Coach sunglasses. I rolled my pink luggage towards the luggage scales. A tall, slim man weighed my luggage and said I was able to carry it aboard, unfortunately I already had my Louis Vuitton duffel bag to carry alongside me. “Send it under.” I said. He quickly grabbed the pink luggage and sent it through security. I grabbed my other bag and headed towards the brochure stand near the entrance where I was supposed to meet the girls. I waited for about 10 minutes but no one ever arrived so I decided that I would call Massie. The phone rang for about 30 seconds and no answer. I then called Alicia, still no answer. I called Dylan, her cell phone was sent directly to voice mail. Kristen had no cell phone, because it was stolen last week. I was at a brochure stand alone and had no reach of my four friends. As I stood there I caught glimpse
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