My Night With Morgan Essay

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My night with Morgan One day while I was walking down a seemingly empty road, I heard some screams coming from around the corner. I quickly ran to see if someone got injured when the strangest thing awaited me. There at the corner store was Morgan Freeman with over a dozen screaming fans surrounding him. I walked up to the crowd with a bewildered look on my face.“Why was Morgan Freeman at this dead end of a town?” After 2 hours the crowd finally dispersed and Morgan sighed as he sat down in a nearby coffee shop. I noticed that the waitress had trouble taking his order, as she was star struck. I made up my mind, I was going to go and talk to him. As I reluctantly sat down at the chair across from him he showed the brightest of smiles.“Um excuse me Mr. Freeman, I was wondering if I could ask you some questions?” He considered it for a moment and said “ Sure, why not?.” “Thank you. Well first I would like to ask why are you in this town?” He laughed,”I'm here starring in a new movie” I quickly asked the waitress if she could bring me a pen and paper. When she returned I wrote down his answer.“My next question is when did you start acting?” He smiled as if remembering a good time,“I started acting when I was 9 ,playing the lead in a play at my school.” I wrote down what he said and considered my next question,“What are you most proud of?” He said ,“I am proud to be the first American to record a par on Legend Golf & Safari Resort's Extreme 19th hole. “ I smiled, I never would have thought that him recording a par in golf would be his most proud moment. “Where do you live?” He looked confused at the question.“Why do you want to know that?' I looked embarrassed.“I don't want to know the actually address but which state and city.” He answered,”I live in Charleston, Mississippi.”“Have you ever been hurt

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