My Nephew the Modern Hero Essay

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My Nephew a True Modern Hero Barbara Allison Morton AIU Online There are many types of heroes. There are some that become heroes because of on event where they demonstrated great courage and saved the lives of others. Others are heroes because of some adversity that they overcame such as losing a body part or being crippled due to an accident. Another type of hero is a person who had given up so much to make a better life for his son. That is the type of hero my nephew is. My nephew was born into an abusive family life, being raised by a single parent with a drug problem also; he sought relief any where he could, and at a very early age. At 11 years of age he was stealing things from Grocery stores, Bread, Peanut Butter, and Milk, things just to make it through so he and his sisters wouldn’t have to go to bed hungry. This went on for years until he was caught at the age of 13, and he was sent to CYA for Boys. As he grew up He turned to drugs, going in and out of prison. Then he met a girl at a party and they got together, and she became pregnant. After the birth of their child his girlfriend decided that she wanted to go back into the drug world, my nephew said that they couldn’t they had a child now, but she decided that a family life was not for her. My nephew wanted better for his child (as we all do for our children). He knew that it was going to be hard but he would not walk away from his child like his father did. He took his child with him everywhere he went, never leaving him with anyone. He enrolled in college, started taking classes it become a certified mechanic, which would take four years to complete. He would leave his child with his Grandpa while he was at school, but once class was over he would be there to pick the child up. He didn’t do anything or go anywhere that his child couldn’t go with him. He struggled

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