My Name Is Asher Lev Book Report

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Janet Moreno My name is Asher Lev How did the people in Asher Levs’ life influence his decisions to lead him to becoming a great artist? “Paint pretty pictures, Asher, she had said. Make the world pretty. Show me your good drawings, Asher. Why have you stopped drawing? She had the gift alive during the dead years…” His mother supported his gift through everything. When she became ill she made him draw the world as a beautiful place. Asher knew better than that, he knew since a very young age that the world was not as magnificent as his mother made him believe. Growing up she bought him books about artists, painting supplies, took him to art museums, comforted and took Asher’s side when he and his father would have disputes over his gift. Rivkeh never had any trouble with Asher’s ability, up until he drew the crucifixion. While reading about Asher’s mother I had the sense that she was a kind, loving, patient, warm person. She only wanted the best for her family like any mother would. Everything she did was to have her family together and to keep her husband and son from tearing each other apart. “As an artist you are responsible to no one and to nothing, except to yourself and to the truth as you see it.” Jacob Kahn helped Asher transition into becoming a great and famous artist. He taught him the difference between painting a story and painting a picture. Jacob taught him that he shouldn’t feel like he should only be devoted to his religion, but more to his art. He was his mentor. “If you want to tell stories, become either an illustrator or a writer. If you want to be a painter, you will learn to use line and color and shape and texture to create paintings, not stories.” Jacob helped Asher grow as a young artist and also as a respectable, well-known young man. He taught him to never fear his

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