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My Name Is Enkidu My name is Enkidu; I was pinched from the clay that my mother threw into the wildnerness! My body is shaggy with hair and my strength rivals that of Ninurta, I know neither people, nor civilization, the grass I graze on is suitable for all my animals. My name is Enkidu; my mother created me to be the counterpart of the great King of Uruk, where the Eanna Temple wall gleams with copper is where the King of Uruk stays! He built this great temple with his own hands and he had knowledge of all! The Tyrant! The self loathing Tyrant! He knows his strength, and he boasts to all! He struts his power over all and does not leave a girl to her betrothed. My name is Enkindu; I gained this knowledge through the harlot Shamhat. In the forest I was…show more content…
The House of Dust was filled with with royal crowns who served Anu and Enlil. I saw many there: Etana, Sumukan, Ereshkigal, Beletseri. My name is Enkidu; The House of Dust is my home. From the House of Dust I could see the tears of my dear friend Gilgamesh. My dear friend Gilgamesh blessed me a thousand times. His whole city did mourn my death. I knew in my heart he was the dearest of friends. He stayed next to me for six days and seven nights until my body turned to dust. My name is Enkidu; The House of Dust is my home. From the House of Dust I could see my friend Gilgamesh wandering the wilderness. My friend Gilgamesh questioned his own life. He knew he must seek Utanapishtim! The answer lies in him! I saw as my friend came upon a tavern. The tavern keeper was named Siduri and in a veil she was covered. She did not believe who my dear friend was, but as he spoke he convinced her of his true identity. Gilgamesh the Great! To Urshanabi, the ferryman, she sends him! The Waters of Death will not hold back my dear friend! I see as he arrives and meets Utnapishtim! My name is Enkidu; I watch as my friend searches for his

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