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J Have you ever wondered why you have to go to the bathroom so much when you are consuming alcohol? Well you can thank your antidiuretic hormone (ADH) for this problem. This peptide hormone, responsible for boosting water retention in the kidneys (Carter, 1996), is discharged by the posterior pituitary gland responsible for lowering urine output (Antidiuretic Hormone, 2012). This hormone is unable to function correctly when alcohol is introduced into the body. Below, I will explain why ADH is repressed when consuming alcohol, and its effects on the urinary system. First, you must distinguish what a diuretic is. A diuretic increases urine formation in the kidneys (Bowen). Alcohol is considered to be a diuretic. Some alcohol has more of a diuretic effect than others. For example, beer is lower, whereas, whisky is much higher (Complications of Alcohol-Kidney Link). Studies have confirmed, that regardless of the amount of consumption, diuresis is always present no matter what type of alcohol it is (Hobson and Maughan, 2010). There are many factors impeding the discharge of ADH. One of those factors is primarily ethanol, which produces an intoxicating reaction throughout the body. Ethanol will restrict ADH from functioning properly. When this peptide is constrained, the body will expel large amounts of water and will become dehydrated (Carter). According to researchers at Montana State University, “Urination can be induced 20 minutes after a person consumes alcohol possibly due to alcohol affecting the availability ADH.” (Complications of Alcohol-Kidney Link). When ADH is constricted, nephrons in the kidneys become less sponge-like to water, resulting in more water moving through the ureters to the bladder. The hormone normally will append to the receptors of cells in the collecting ducts of kidneys resulting in reabsorption of water. However,

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