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My Music Recording Studio 2011 Carroll Mable GE117 Professor White 7/6/2011 My music recording studio is small, professionally soundproof and stocked with state of the art musical recording equipment. With minimal capacity my music studio has just the accommodations for approximately three to four people per recording session. Although small, it is very well ventilated, heated and air conditioned. At times during recording projects due to lack of space, our techs have a tendency to bump the backs of our swivel chairs into each other; however, this usually happens during moments of celebration or disgust over good and not so good recording results. Other than occasional bumping, for the most part we have just enough room to be comfortable to work in such a small space. Noiselessness is a key element within the walls of any recording studio. I have taken the necessary steps to insure that I have achieved the most absolute soundproofing possible within my budget, to produce the clearest and uninterrupted sound tracks a home recording studio should. I have insulated my studio with a high end studio foam product called, Auralex. This product comes in 3”x24”x24” squares. The task of insulating my studio consumed about 100 squares costing approximately $100.00 per set of 20 squares and costing over $500.00 total. Over the past 15 years I have managed to stock my music recording studio with some of the best musical equipment recommended for home and professional recording studios. Keyboards, Digital recording software, Processors, Sound modules and up to date PC and computer based recording systems. These components are very essential tools to achieving a professional sounding home recording studio. To create a home recording studio you would not have to purchase the high end and most expensive equipment recommended for today’s recording

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