My Mother, My Hero!

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My favorite hero is my mother. Three of the reasons she is my hero are: she was a very caring person, always helpful to people, and was always giving something of herself. My mother is a hero because she is so caring, Our dad left her with nine children to care for by herself, She always took care of all of us, no matter how hard it was for her. She always cared for us greatly and deeply. If she wasn’t taking care of us, she was taking care of one of our friends. She never asked for, or demanded anything in return. That’s just the way she was! My mother gives her time to others, The woman would give the shirt off her back to anyone in need of it. She always gave time to different things, such as volunteering for the local food bank, or helping out with the senior citizens. She also gave a lot to help care for her mother, who was unable to care for herself. Along with that, she gave up all of her time to take care of the women that her mother fostered in her home! She was always so helpful. If you needed help she was always there to do what she could. She helped all of her children in so many ways, too many to mention, If you needed a place to stay, she would help. If you were in trouble, she would help. If you needed anything she would do her best to help you get it! I think my mother was the best mother in the world! She showed heroism everyday, from helping anyone she could, to giving all of her time to others. to caring for all of those who needed her. There was nothing she wouldn’t do for anyone! My Mother, My

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