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On a day to day basis, we are influenced by something, or someone that has a lasting effect in our lives. The fondest memories of my life have all been influenced by family members. To my belief, my mother “Edith Ruggles” is one of the most influential. I am the person and mother I am today cause of her. My mother taught me how to be a loving, caring, passionate person. She taught me with her actions. She always put her children and husband first. I remember one cold, bitter, Michigan winter in my childhood when my father was out of work. The only pair of boots she owned was old and torn. There was not much money to buy new ones. The family went to the local store and Mom put 3 pairs of boots on the counter to pay for them. I noticed there were none in her size. I said “Mom those are too small for you.” Her reply was “Honey, these are for you and your sisters, Dad is not working and you girls need boots to keep your feet dry and warm. My boots will do me fine till dad gets back to work.” She always put her children first. I remembered that all my life. I grew up and had children and always remembered how my mother went without boots that year so her children’s feet would stay dry and warm. When my children need something they get it before I do. If my mother did this for me I will do it for my children. She was a happy woman and so am I. As I get older I realize what makes a mother happy is her children being warm, fed and safe. This is why my mother was such a happy

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