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MY MOTHER My mother is the best person that I know. She is a very special person who has always been with me to support me. She is hardworking, cheerful and simple woman; she is a woman that despite all the complications she always has a big smile. She is a very mature person but she knows how to be a girl and share great moments with her family, rather a monument of woman. I know at times she yells at me and corrects me, but I know she does not do because she is evil, but because she loves me; she expects me to be a person who takes over a great place in society. We both know that time is passing and I will have to go my own way and face a world which has full of battles; I will have to face it alone. I hope to be a successful man and never let my parents down, I also hope to become as good person as my mom, as loving and special as she is, take pride that one day my children say, "My father is the best that he will be my role model”. I know my mother will age and I hope I take care of her as well as she take care of me. She tells me she loves me very much but she does not expect me to look after her when she has a certain age because I will make a family and have my own occupations. It makes my soul twist when hearing those words, because I'm afraid that one day I will forget my mother and I will be so busy with my stuff that I will not have time for her. It hurts just thinking that if that happens, my mother, whom I love you with all my soul ended up in the place she hates, the acyl, but something tells me that it will never happen. Although she will start saving money to secure her future and not have to rely on nobody. However I am certain that I will take care of her because I know the love I have toward her will give me strength to fight and never leave her alone. Do not do what you do not want other person to do. Take care and love your parents

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