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My Mother Someone I Admire As we grow older, we find someone to look up to. Virtually everyone has someone that they admire. Most of my friends admire movie stars or superstar athletes. Have you ever thought of about who you admire? Well, I certainly have! The person I admire is only five foot two, With Carmel skin and long black hair and as the heart of a lion. She forty three years-old born November 3, 1970. She neither world famous nor a multimillionaire. I save my admiration for a special woman, my mother. I admire my mother because of her morals, some of the obstacles she has overcome, and for all she has done for me in my life. She is a leader and not a follower and the difference is that as a leader and not a follower is dependable, supportive, and attentive. First of all, I worship the very ground that she walks on because I know that I can depend on her. She is a natural born leader. She is one of the best of the "older generation." She does such a wonderful job educating me to be a good person in life. She has done the best job through life and experience to build up a strong family. One of the strongest reasons why I extremely admire her is for her values and what she stands for. My mother raised me as a single parent. Even though I was between homes, my mother did he best of her ability to raise and provide for me. Although it was a struggle sometimes, we always managed to make it through. Some of the struggles include not always having a big meal and not always having lights in the house. Even though we went through these struggles my mother always fine away to pick herself up and keep us together as a

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