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On a day to day basis, we are influenced by something, or someone that has a lasting effect in our lives. The fondest memories of my life have all been influenced by family members. But to my belief, my mother is one of the most influential people I know. She has made me the person and daughter that I am today. When I describe my mother, there is nothing critical about it; it is all admiration. Her profession and admiration is being a cook. For as long as I can remember, she has always loved spending her time in the kitchen. She’s done everything from birthday cakes to buffets, and cupcakes to dozens of cookies; she always volunteers to bake or cook something. My mother works in a Nursing Home, and seeing her at work is very awe-inspiring, especially her ability to connect with the elderly. Every single one of them adores and trusts her; she is truly gifted with emotional intelligence. She has the ability to walk in a room, find the bleakest person there, and make them smile. There is nothing to fear about this petite, delicate woman, even though each muscle is so defined, as if she were an Olympian sculpture. When she smiles, it is as if she is using all her might just to see if it could get bigger. Her eyes are a russet brown like the skin of a winter apple, full of warmth and compassion. Her skin, the color beige, like the dunes of the Sahara, flawlessly smooth before the rippling winds. At home her hair, which is as black as a raven’s feather, is always tied up; bouncing with each step she takes like a Paddleball. Never is she loud; her low-keyed silky voice flows from her like a warm breeze against the skin, chasing away any chill and enclosing the listener with security with every word spoken. She is a wonderful person whom I admire and love unconditionally forever. I have learned so many valuable traits from her and

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