My Mother Essay

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Introduction Mother is a divine gift to man. She is an embodiment of affection. I have also a mother. She lives at home in our family. Her Education My mother has no education. She is illiterate. So she cannot read and write. But she knows counting. She remembers most of the account. Her Work My mother lives inside the home. She cooks food for us. She sweeps the courtyard and the floors. She smears them with dung and water. She keeps the house neat and clean. She keeps everything is order. All the household things are in charge of her. She prepares jelly, jam and condiments. She makes the condiment of the green mango, lemon and tamarind. She preserves them in the earthen vessels. She churns the cream and makes curd and ghee. She also makes the cheese of milk and cheese of curd. She makes different kinds of cake for us. She cleans the cowshed and takes care of the cow. She steams the paddy. Dries it and husks it. She prepares betel for my father and for herself. Her love and care My mother loves me very much. She never gets angry with me. She always speaks very kindly and softly. If I fall ill, she sheds tears. She prays to God for my quick relief. She sits by me on my sick-bed and moves her palm gently on my body. Conclusion My mother leads a life of service and sacrifice. She has been serving me since the time of my birth. Hence, I owe a great deal to her. A mother’s debt is

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