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Essays 1: My Mother My Mother The word "Mother" means her, affection, sympathy, devotion and an unselfish companion, a soothing figure, a consoling body. My mother, my dear mother is the symbol of all these qualities. When I was a small child she loved me dearly. She protected me against every harmful thing or action. She taught me how to walk and talk. Whenever I bean to weep due to any reason she loved me, kissed my forehead and did every thing to comfort me till I stopped weeping. Once I fell ill and could not sleep for three nights, she passed those three sleep9less and restless nights with me. She looked after and nursed me till I recovered. She prayed to God for my recovery. She told me beautiful stories to comfort me in my trouble. She gave me delicious and nourishing food to eat. She dressed me up in nice and gay clothes. There is no end to the love and care that the mother had given to me when I was a small child. She brought me up lovely and kindly. She taught me good manners of life. Now I am a grown up school going boy. She wakes me up early in the morning. She sends me to the mosque for Fajir prayers. She prepares my breakfast and I reach school in time. She helps me in doing my homework. She does my many works. I love my dear mother very much. I have determined that when my mother will be old, I will serve her whole heartedly and I will obey her every order. May my mother live

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