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My Most Memorable Moment I never thought that i would make it this far in life. It never occured to me that I could be succecful. Getting to walk across the stage with my my classmates is something i've always dreamed of. Graduating from high school is my most memorable moment because I never thought that I would make it because of all the hard times that i've been through. I was sitting in the lunch room at my high school one day and my bestfriend, Shardai walked up to me and said, "Sanwon died" I said "What?, Stop playing." She just lookedat me and said " Im sorry." I fell to the ground and busted out crying. It felt like there was a big hole in my heart. It hurt ten times worse because I was pregnant. It was the end of my junior year , and I was getting ready to be a senior. Getting to graduate and going to college was my dream, but at that time that wasnt going through my head just that my life wass over. That Saturday was his funeral, and that was the hardest thing i've ever had to go through, was ssaying goodbye to my boyfriend. The funeral was very nice and very sad at the same time. I couldnt even walk up and look at his body one last time cause i was crying so hard that my vision was blury. After the funeral my mama, grandma, and aunt sat me down and talked to me about college, my baby, and my future. I had planned to go to college at TSTC with my boyfriend but he was gone ,so I had looked for somewhere else to go. I was sad, crying, and didn't know what to do . I looked online for colleges and found TJC and i loved it. The only problem was the baby. So i made the crazy decesion and got an abortion. When i did that a lot of people turned there backs on me including my own dad. My daddy and I had a very good father-daughter relationship until he heard about the baby. I got a phone call while I was in the hospital and it was my daddy. He said "He

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