My Most Memorable Meal Essay

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I have had many delicious meals in the past, from big, beefy burgers, curries and kebabs to my mum's tempting tempting tajines, puffy pies and savoury soups.However the most memorable meal is my aunty's homemade pizza. Every year i spend the summer holidays who lives in France.Thursdays nights are pizza nights and on my last Thursday there,she promised to make a special one.I was Thrilled.We start off with Pommes Noisettes: small, tasty balls of mashed potatoes coated in a crispy shell. i Impatiently dipp a few in a sweet runny sauce and pop them inside my mouth. As i bite into the salted surface , the heat of the mushy interior stings my tongue but the was soothed by the cooled, chilled sauce that ran smoothly down my throat. Whilst i was eating the thick scent of mixed herbs, spices and garlic cooking in tomato sauce and fresh dough baking in the oven filled the room. Smelling these delightful fragrances, my belly began to fight me. Finally the moment i thought would never come arrived. It was a mega round, meaty feast that looked like an exotic island.The thin, crispy crust hidden under a sea of of dark,red tomato sauce.The pizza is decorated with a variety of bright and colourful toppings: chopped sweet onions, juicy red peppers,soft, tender and spicy grilled pepperoni slices.I could see the creamy Mozzarella, the lumpy goat's cheese and the mild flavored provolone.Covering the mouthwatering topping is a thick yellow coat of parmesan grated cheese. The steam from the bubbly coat of cheese creates an aromatic smell that lingers in the air, urging me to grab a succulent slice. As i lift the slice to my mouth, i gaze at the sun coloured strings of cheese dangling from it. I have never tasted a pizza like it before.Digging my teeth into the well baked base, my ears capture the sound of a loud crunch. The herbs garlic and spices bring the tomato sauce to life

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