My Most Influential Teacher

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My Most Influential Teacher Perhaps some people cross your path for a particular reason at a particular time for a particular purpose. I feel Mr. Eric Irvin and Ms. Barbara Stevens were those particular people. They both have had a tremendous effect on the person that I am today and the person I hope to be in the future. Both of these individuals influenced my desire to become a teacher. During my 12th grade English class Ms. Stevens demonstrated a genuine love for teaching. It came through in the way that she taught the class and motivated her students to reach levels they didn't know they could reach. She is the first teacher that got me thinking about being a teacher. "You know what? I can do that," I thought. She had a great way of making things magically clearer and easy to understand. I was able to see that I too had a way of making people understand the material and liked to see others succeed. The tingly "Oh, I get it." was music to my ears. She helped me find the direction I needed to make teaching a reality. Mutual respect and openness got us farther than any other class. I remember the day that she shared with us the experience of being a victim of abuse by her husband. She didn't have to share such a personal and dramatic experience, but she trusted us enough to discuss private and adult issues. None of the other teachers would have shared intimate details. In return, we were more likely to share as well. This newfound respect from a "grownup" often motivated students to not make her disappointed in their behavior or academics. Mr. Irvin was a no-nonsense kind of guy. He was a former veteran and taught Algebra II. He felt very strongly about his beliefs and wanted you to do the same. It didn't matter what you thought as long as you were able to present evidence to defend your argument. Many students was caught in the "Mr. Irvin’s advocate
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