Personal Narrative Essay: The Day Of My Family

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It was the day of my mom’s 45th birthday, and I want to do something special to show her my appreciations and make her happy. She did so much for my family. She moved to America for us so we could have a good life. I did not know what to get her because she was the kind of person who has everything. So I decided to make her a cake !! It was Saturday night and I have nothing to do. I don’t like the kitchen, but I have to do it to make my mom happy. First I went online searching for a cake recipe. It took so long because there were so many too choose from. When I found the perfect one that I think she will like, I went to the market next door to buy all of the ingredients. I don’t know how to shop in the grocery store either. It took me too long to look for the things I need to make the cake. I had to ask the lady who work there for help.…show more content…
When I got home, I took a deep breath before entering the kitchen. I never cook in the kitchen so I was nervous. Finally, I start the process. I took out the pots and pans and eggs and flour. And I start the process. The kitchen got messier and messier. It looked like a tornado hit the house. I put the cake in the oven and I put the timer on. I forgot about it so the cake almost burned. When I was done, it was easier than I thought and I baked a nice looking cake. I put the frosting on it and I messed up. It looked like a little kid put the sprinkles on it after. The cake was for my mom and I knew she would like it. So I decided to give it to her

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