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My Modest Proposal Essay

  • Submitted by: KevinMac
  • on May 19, 2011
  • Category: English
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The reason that gasoline is a problem is because the price on gasoline keeps rising. I do not know exactly how much it has risen in the last year, but it has increased a lot during the past few years. The gasoline seems to be going up every year. With the seemingly endless rise in gasoline prices, people have been coming up with many poor excuses to call the oil companies and lower the cost of gasoline. Also finding a reliable yet sustainable alternative energy source failed. The continuously increasing price of gasoline should not only be stopped but also start decreasing.
My first proposal to solve gasoline prices is to stop both female and male teenage drivers. This is because they basically waste gasoline by filling up and then totaling their cars. Basically that means that the gasoline in the tank is then wasted. Just simply raising the age limits for driving could help one or two years. Maybe whoever gets a driver’s license should spend more hours taking tests in order to drive safer. The second proposal would be to boycott gasoline for one or two days. Once the gasoline sellers see no sales are being made they would drop the prices. In the dropping of their prices, the prices would stay down. Since the price would be down, then the prices would stay down. Since the prices would be down, people would start buying more and not conserving gasoline as much. Since people would be buying more gasoline, then the gasoline sellers would actually make more money.
Moreover, walking, running, and bicycling are all about supply and demand. If there's no demand, prices will go down. If we all walk, run or ride bikes to get around, we'd probably decrease payments on gasoline and so we’ll have money to do other things. Also gasoline results in fat people. On the other hand walking and bicycling would make us become thinner and we’ll be practicing sports at the same time.
Another proposal would be that if a person fills up gasoline more than twice a month, his gasoline...

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