My Memory Of The Colorado Storm Essay

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I was sitting in the back of the car as we were driving thru the mountains to get home, listening to the radio report that a huge storm was possibly worst natural disaster to ever occur in Colorado. As we drove, I looked out the window, seeing the devastation and remembering the scary night we spent weathering the storm, just 2 days before. It was July and it had been a bright and sunny afternoon when we just watched a show at the Rodeo. I remember lots of excitement and electricity in the air as we watched the horses prance around and clowns dance. There were about 60 people to perform at the State Centennial Celebration in Estes Park, Colorado. The ring master said it was a real treat to go. As the afternoon turned to evening, the clouds started rolling in. The staging area was becoming packed with all of the rodeo participants. The crowds were growing larger and the stands were filling up as hundreds of tourists and residents arrived for the evening performance. The weather reports had called for a typical afternoon/evening rain storm, but we were confident it would be gone in time for the evening performance. It was about 30 minutes before the preshow would start. By now the atmosphere was different somehow, and we could sense this was not the typical thunderstorm. The rain fell in fat drops from dark clouds that covered the sky. We had a show to watch and the rain was not going to dampen our spirits. We had payed to get in so why not watch it? The performers were not going to stop the show either. The stage coach and Calvary Riders were in the arena now, while thick mud was forming and spot lights began to flicker and pop. As I watched the pre-show try to perform, I realized this night was one I would not forget. The riders were soaked to the bone, the noise from the lights was startling the horses, and the stage coach was getting stuck in the mud.

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