My Major Accomplishments

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One of my major accomplishments is returning to school to complete my undergraduate degree, when I initially dropped out of school roughly 2 years ago. I was able to accomplish this goal, while working full-time and bettering my life. Through this first accomplishment, the only major goal is to ensure better discipline and growth for my children. Through our life experiences, we have to learn from others and on our own, my goal is to ensure, that I have a different delivery method so my children want have to learn the hard way. A second major accomplishment for me is my success in my current organization. When, I first came aboard it was quite different from my previous role, not to mention two different fields. However, I was able to adapt to a changing environment/field and progressive my way to the top in sales. From that, I was able to excel my career with the organization and to this date, I am still growing. My goal is to complete this Master’s and apply these new educational skills to real world experiences,…show more content…
In conducting an interview, I would choose David Stephens. My reasoning is because he is a 37-year veteran of the organization and has a vast knowledge of leadership ability along with great charisma. My questions would be as follows: Does my current skill set, align with the qualifications of this position? What future opportunities, do you see for me within this organization? What advice/guidance can you provide to me about my leadership abilities and advancement opportunities within the organization? Finally, if you were applying for a position within the organization, what questions would you

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